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Vaginal Revitalization

Amaro Integrative Medicine

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If vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction are interfering with your sex life and self-confidence, Votiva vaginal revitalization may be the answer. At Amaro Integrative Medicine in Amarillo, Texas, Justin Amaro, DO, and his staff offer this cutting-edge radiofrequency energy treatment to alleviate symptoms of menopause or sexual dysfunction after childbirth. This safe and effective treatment may be just what you need to enhance your sex life and boost your self-esteem. Learn more about the benefits of Votiva by calling the Amarillo office or using the online booking feature.

Vaginal Revitalization Q & A

What is Votiva?

Votiva is the only FDA-cleared device for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and tightening of a woman’s pelvic floor. Dr. Amaro uses the Votiva radio frequency technology to gently heat the vaginal tissue and stimulate your body’s natural production of new collagen.

The radiofrequency energy is safe and effective at improving your vaginal structure without pain or need for anesthesia. Treatment is noninvasive and doesn’t require any downtime.

What conditions can Votiva treat?

Votiva is highly effective in treating a number of common conditions that affect women after childbirth and during the transition to menopause. During these phases of life, changes in estrogen affect the physical structure of the vagina, causing a number of uncomfortable symptoms.

Dr. Amaro may recommend Votiva vaginal revitalization if you struggle with conditions such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Painful intercourse

Votiva radiofrequency treatments are also effective in treating urinary incontinence issues by tightening the muscles surrounding the bladder. With additional support to your bladder, you may experience less unexpected urine leaks when you laugh or sneeze.

How do vaginal revitalization treatments work?

Dr. Amaro inserts the handheld Votiva device into the vaginal canal to deliver energy to the surrounding tissue. The treatment isn’t painful and typically lasts only a few minutes, depending on the goal of treatment. During treatment, you may feel some pressure and increased sensitivity,  which resolves after treatment ends.

Following the procedure, you can resume your usual activities but Dr. Amaro may advise you to avoid sex for 3-4 days.

Over time, as new collagen develops, you can experience an increase in natural vaginal lubrication and increased sexual sensations.

Will I need more than one treatment?

The staff at Amaro Integrative Medicine creates a custom treatment plan to address your needs. To ensure the best possible outcome and long-lasting results, you may need two to three treatments that you schedule four to six weeks apart.

Dr. Amaro can determine how many treatments you need to achieve your desired results. You may need additional treatments to maintain your results over time, as you age or go through menopause.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about the benefits of Votiva online or by phone.

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